SFM Vendor Partnerships-
We look forward to forming partnerships with our local flower farmers. By providing a space and structure to market your locally grown flowers, we can educate consumers about the importance of purchasing locally grown flowers. The market will be open to wholesale & retail customers every Wednesday & Thursday from 7 am- 1pm. 

  • All growers are expected to meet the following general standards.

Flowers Should Arrive:

  • In clean buckets

  • With no sign of wilt or mold

  • No excess petal or leaf drop

  • General poor quality will not be accepted.

  • Stem length 18-24 inches. Shorter length of stem can be purchased at discretion of the buyer.

  • Flowers should be seasonally relevant.

  • Standard bunches are stems of 10. Any other configuration must be noted on seller’s invoice.

  • We require bunches in rubber bands or twist ties.



Contact info-



Sonoma Flower Mart
(behind Taylor Maid Cafe)

6790 McKinley St. # 190
Sebastopol, CA 95472



We look forward to working with you!