Are you still in the Barlow? Where can I see your flowers?

SFM traded its brick & mortar for an online mobile flower mart. At this stage of development, it is more sustainable for the mart to order, and for the farmers to cut, to customer specification (Zero waste business!). Many customers also prefer delivery to driving out to Sebastopol. There is no plan for another physical location for the mart at this time. Follow us on instagram to catch us at our roving Pop Up flower marts. Many of our partner farms also offer their flowers at Farmer’s Markets around the county or have roadside farm stands.

Why buy from or sell to a distributor?

A distributor is not a farmer or a florist, a distributor streamlines and makes available a wide range of farm grown product and becomes the single point of contact for both the customers and the farms. As a distributor, SFM handles:

  • Quality control and product returns 

  • Refrigerated delivery 

  • Customer service

  • Updating and maintaining a *comprehensive* list (for each farmer entry, there is an entry made by SFM)

  • Marketing & branding

  • Pick up orders from farms (or meet a large minimum and pay for delivery)

  • Deliver orders to customers (either to a pick up location or directly to the customer)

  • Prompt reliable payment to farmers

Why do you buy flowers from outside of Sonoma County?

The demand for flowers is year round and my Sonoma County suppliers are seasonal; in order to retain customers throughout the year, I fill the gap in supply with product from larger California farms. I also get requests for tropical flowers that I fill with flowers from Maui. I want to supply my customers with the largest possible variety of flowers to choose from. I give priority to my Sonoma County suppliers and product that I can obtain hyper locally. I always prefer to put my name behind the quality of product and care that is put into flowers grown in Sonoma County. I am committed to Domestic flowers and products in my business (and my personal life). 

What is required to sell to SFM?

  • Enough volume of flowers to warrant the time (for both you and me) to manage inventory online and for SFM to be able to reach a minimum order per week

  • Enough variation of color or flower variety from the current SFM inventory 

  • Farmer flower inventory is updated on FRESHr before Friday

  • Photos are added to online inventory

  • Orders are sorted by customer

  • Farmer Product is consistently ready for pick up at an agreed upon time

Will you donate flowers for our event?

Sonoma Flower Mart does not grow flowers and strives to be a zero waste business with an “order & cut to specification” model, therefore we don’t typically have surplus product to offer for your event. SFM selects a limited number of like-minded local business’ each year to collaborate with on community and charitable projects. Will we ask our farmers to contribute free or deeply discounted flowers for your event? We prefer the motto:

Ask not what your small scale Sonoma County flower farmer can do for you, but what you can do for your farmer!

Do you offer floral design?

Sonoma Flower Mart is a wholesale and retail flower distributor, not a floral design company. We are happy to connect you with the best floral designers for your aesthetic or budget. That being said, we do have floral design background and are able to guide you through the DIY wedding/event flower selection process. If you are ordering bulk DIY flowers for your wedding, we will accept design add-on’s such as a professionally designed bridal bouquet, a sample bridesmaid bouquet or your boutonniere’s, we got you!